Drum Lessons

Why learn the drums?

Learn drumming techniques if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. We have world-class teachers that will show the tips and tricks and knowledge of playing in the rhythm section of a band. If you want to play drums in church at a jazz gig and as a record session drummer, you can learn the skills to become a professional drummer.

Drum Lessons at Aarons music lessons

The different levels of Drum Lessons


Beginner Drum Lessons

Learn the rhythm, the basics of timing and tempo, learn the rudiments of playing the drum set. Everyone was born with some sense of rhythm and timing. It just needs to be honed and taught.


Intermediate Drum Lessons

So you have conquered the foundation and the basics of the drums, and now it’s time to learn the next phase of your playing. Learn from different professional drummers and learn different genres of music that will enhance your playing.


Advanced Drum Lessons

Learn the advanced techniques of playing the drums set as you become a professional drummer, and you will gain the experience to play at paid gigs and make a living as a pro drummer or possibly as a session musician.


What is a good age to start playing drums?

Students can start learning to play the drums at 7 and up. Learning the drums is for anyone with the passion and the will to learn their craft.


Do I need a drum set to learn drums?

No, to start, I recommend getting and practice pad, and when it’s time to get a drum set later on, you can purchase one.


Do you teach multiple styles of drumming?

Yes, we do. We teach genres such as gospel, jazz, Rock, Funk, and R&B. However, we introduce the foundations of learning the drums before we launch into various genres.

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