Marketing & Promotions

We create artist awareness, and endeavor to build artist fanbase for more exposure and sales. We create marketing campaigns for social media to grow the artist’s reach and following. In today’s music business, record labels and music executives and looking at how many followers the artist has on Instagram and Facebook. Record Labels are not what they use to be in terms of signing an artist based on the artist’s talent, but now they are looking for artists who are popular. Therefore to help the artist develop their popularity we do Instagram and Facebook ads to promote the artist and maintain the artist brand to expand artist fans.
Artist Marketing and Promotions at Aarons Music Group
Promotion, Promotion, Promotion, is our motto, and we have realized that promotion is what the artist needs in this ever-changing music business. Do you have great music, but you do not have enough buyers for your music, we help get your music to the ears of thousands of fans. You do not need a record label to be successful as a musician, what you need is loyal fans to support your music. We help get your music heard on Spotify, and we have developed an algorithm to track your listeners on Spotify. We help get your music on Spotify playlist so that listeners can hear your music and add it to their playlist. Our ad campaign also gets you YouTube views by the thousands. Ever wonder why your music on YouTube doesn’t have the amount of views you desire because you need promotion. Promotion is what we do at Aarons Music Group.

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