Music Consultation

Are you looking to take your music career to the next level?

Are you interested in knowing how the music industry works?

Are you interested in getting a manager?

Are you interested in getting representation as a recording artist?

Do you feel stuck in your music career?

music consultation

Our consultation offers the artist the opportunity to get advice about the ins and outs of the music industry. The music industry is a business and the artist and musician need to know how the music business functions and what the artist needs in order to succeed in the music industry. Our consultation offers artists advice about production and finding a studio to record a single or album. Let us guide you in finding the right producer and the right studio to capture your sound.

In our consultation, we offer advice for Marketing and Promotion to build your brand and awareness as a musician and a recording artist. We offer advice on how to effectively grow your following by using Facebook and Instagram ads. We offer artists advice on how to get a single or album across on the distribution and streaming platforms. We give artists the wisdom and the know-how to generate royalties on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. We offer artist Booking and Touring opportunities and we give the artist the opportunity to be heard by fans and increase performance revenue streams. We also offer artist Sync Licensing opportunities for TV and film. Book a consultation with Aarons Music Group now and we will be happy to give you the necessary information and opportunity to break out in the music industry.

1 hour consultation $250
We offer 1 hour consultation by phone to help artists with their career.

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