Radio Promotions

Do you have a single? We pitch your single to radio stations. Here at Aarons Music Group, we strive to gain artist exposure on terrestrial and Internet radio. We get artists featured for radio interviews to promote their single. Each artist single is placed on Billboard charts, Media base, and BDS Neilson Sound Scan. We get each artist single registered with Performing Rights Organizations, whether it be Ascap or BMI to collect royalties. Radio promotion is what’s needed to get your music heard; never will you create good music and any ears listening. At Aarons Music Group we have a list of program directors and radio announcers ready to play your music.
Artist radio promotions
Now with our Radio Promotions, you will be heard by the masses on the airwaves. It is very difficult to find the right radio station to play your music and gaining access to program directors can be difficult, But here at Aarons Music Group, we have thousands of radio stations in our catalog. So no need to search Google to find radio stations to play your music. We will be the gateway that will get your music heard on FM and AM radio stations worldwide.

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