We book shows and concerts for artists. Whether it be a festival, theatre, church, or club, we help you to gain exposure before a live audience. At Aarons Music Group, we work with the artist record labels and booking agent in putting together artist touring schedules. Tours can be challenging and have many facets and moving parts which requires strong logistical and planning skills. We make sure artists are booked in good venues and markets for each show, concert, festival, and we follow through to make sure each tour runs smoothly. So you have the songs rehearsed, you’ve got the band together but you have been sitting and waiting to perform your music in front and thousands of people.
Artist Tour Scheduling
We get you in front of thousands and fans in the US and Internationally. Do you need a booking agency? We have connections to booking agents that will book your concerts and tours. Getting a team in place to have audio speakers, mics, keyboards, and amplifiers can be a daunting task to get equipment to the event. Aarons Music Group partners with various Logistics and Technology companies that will manage and make sure that the lighting equipment and speakers are all connected and working efficiently in time for your next tour. In essence, let us take away your worries of you having to pack up your equipment; let us manage your concerts and transport your music equipment to your next tour or concerts.

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