Voice Lessons

Why get voice lessons?

Learn the fundamentals of being a singer, and learn pitch, vocal control, breathing, and dynamics. So, do you think you can sing? But there are a lot of concepts and techniques to singing. You can learn to sing in a choir or chorus, become a professional touring artist, session singer, or even an educator.

Voice Lessons at aarons music lessons

The different levels of Voice Lessons


Beginner Voice Lessons

As a beginner at singing, you will learn to sing like a pro at Aarons music lessons. Learn the basics of honing your skills and build your repertoire.


Intermediate Voice Lessons

So you have conquered the foundation; now it’s time to take your singing a bit further and learn from great singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole.


Advanced Voice Lessons

Welcome to the next level of being a pro singer; you can now be a session vocalist and tour with major or local artists, sing in the church choir, or start your own singing group. At the advanced level, you can become a teacher at the k-12 schools or the college level.


At what age can I start learning how to sing?

At age 5, a child can be taught how to sing and learn the basics of tone, harmony, and melody. An adult 18 and up can learn how to hold a note and can learn the basics of sound and blending.


What style of music will I learn how to sing?

Students can learn how to sing gospel, jazz, classical, pop, and R&B. Students can learn gospel chart-topping songs, along with the jazz standards.

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